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Sunday, June 1, 2008

United We Stand!!!

United Live!!

Alright, it's been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggg time since I have updated here. Oh well, for that matter, I haven't even been online in ages. I guess you can say that this is my first time since exam period. Finals been really hectic and tiring, but I'm glad I finally have my long-awaited break. *grins widely*

So yea, finally after a week or so I have set foot in my home. But will be going Singapore tomorrow. After that, OBS camp by Petronas (I have no idea why they keep stuffing our faces with camp after camp). My whole week has been spent in Penang and KL. Right after finals, made a rush to pack bags and rushed off with girlfriend to Penang, after a few days then off to KL.

Why did I go to KL? *gleeful look* Why, of course, Hillsongs United Live in KL "ONE NIGHT ONLY" concert. Yeap, they came to Glad Tidings PJ and thanks to Pastor Clement and Pastor Elijah, I managed to obtain 2 tickets to the concert (one of which is now my bookmark)!!

I haven't seen Hillsongs since 2004 in Singapore and this was my first Hillsongs concert, since the last one was actually a conference cum workshop. This was quite the experience. If I'm not wrong, majority of the crew was there, as in JD and the gang. But I didn't see the "Hosanna" lady though (whatever her name is, lol). The band played almost the entire catalog of all-time-favorites and really worked the crowd well while managing to bring us all into a really great experience of worshiping God. Like JD said, "It's not about singing the songs and feeling good and jumping all around, it's about worshiping Him (God)"

Was really happy as I got to bring girlfriend to her first ever Hillsongs concert though. Really nice to see her enjoy herself so so much. We were dancing and jumping and just praising God until we all had almost no more energy after that. Haha. But the amazing thing about worshiping God is that even though you feel so tired after giving your all, He miraculously just makes all the fatigue disappear almost instantly. =)

The band started out with one of their all-time favorite songs "The Time Has Come" and then went on to play songs like "Break Free", "Take It All", "Salvation Is Here", "Tell The World" and "What The World Will Never Take Away". The time of worship that was to follow was simply fantastic. I remember we started it with "Mighty To Save" and ended on a very high note with "Saviour King". Well, at least I thought that was a good ending but I never expected that we were just beginning.

After another round of quick numbers, the band concluded and went off-stage. But when they came back for an encore, they made a nice ending to the while concert with "One Way" and "Solution".

To sum it all up, I think it was fantastic and a really fun time for us. I would strongly recommend anyone to go and see Hillsongs live in concert. God will really work wonders and stir a new song in your heart.

Oh yea, and I would probably be avoiding Unagi Rice for quite a while though =P