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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life in Setia Alam

Location: Fried Chicken (KFC), TESCO Setia Alam
Status: Stomach filled up with chicken rice set
Mood: Seemingly indifferent towards the fact that first day of work is starting in a few hours

Have been in Setia Alam for a few days now. So far I think life has been quite okay. Nothing much going on as I haven't started work yet (fyi, i start tomorrow =D) but anyway I just went to church today for the first time here. It's a church in Klang called Glad Tidings Assembly, which is actually Pastor Gideon's church.

The church is fine I suppose, the worship team does a good job and the pastor preaches quite well. I kinda learned a little something new today during the sermon which really opened my eyes. He shared from the book of Deuteronomy chapter 30 I think, about the anointing oil of God. The formula was specifically designed by God and He instructed Moses that he is not to reproduce anything like it.

This brings me to the point that really spoke to me. The pastor said, we are to manifest God's anointing in our lives, and not to manufacture it. Which reminds me that sometimes we unknowingly have the impression that the worship team is to create the presence of God in the sanctuary; but then in fact what the worship team really is supposed to be doing is to let God just work THROUGH us as a manifestation of His work IN us.

Okay, I think that sounded a little complicated. I hope you get what I'm driving at. Heh.

All that aside, I think life is pretty routine here, but my job is not to make it routine. =D Might be making a little road trip down next weekend. Hope it works out. *fingers crossed*

p/s: This is the 1st time here that I'm paying for my own meal. lol

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Is it True? o.O

Came across this news somehow that Megan Fox is a man. *faints*

Is it really true? I'm kinda curious though. Haha.

If you wanna check it out, here's the link:

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tomorrow morning I set out on a 3 hour journey to Setia Alam. Packed all my stuffs and gonna load them into the car tomorrow morning. I guess this is the last post I'm gonna put up from my house in quite a while. Gonna miss the wonderfully fast internet connection. =(

For those who do not know, internship is starting this monday. Honestly I still have no idea whether I'm ready for this. But anyways, I would not be needing to wear a tie for the whole time when I'm there. 

It's gonna be 5-day weeks, I hope. So that I can have my weekends free to go and enjoy. Whatever the case, I definitely need to learn a few roads fast so I can get to where I want to. =) Then can bring gf to go out more dy. =D

I've got my room keys already. And I've also got new matresses and all the stuff to squeeze into my small room. Being completely honest, I feel kinda uncertain about how I'm going to survive this 8 months there. Will I be able to adapt well with nobody I know working in the same place? 

Nevertheless I know that God will be faithful. Regardless of what His plan is for me, I know it's gotta be good. Just wanna be able to enjoy the luxury of having NO CLASSES whatsoever for a whole semester and come out feeling great. =)

Oh yea, for those of you who actually do read my blog, do help me click on my ads yea. Need a little help as my account is still stagnant at the "zero" mark. *sobs*

AND AND AND...... I am super-duper jealous that my brother in Singapore has got as his birthday present, a KOP END TICKET TO WATCH LIVERPOOL IN ACTION AGAINST SINGAPORE!!! *shakes fists in anger* Will kill him if he doesn't get me  souvenir. LOL 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

NO MORE!!! (Thanks)

No More!!! You heard me... No more:-

  1. Assignments
  2. Tests
  3. Quizzes
  4. Classes
  5. and most importantly, EXAMS!!!
Well, at least for another semester. =D

Gonna go for internship already. Still in UTP and just came back from nice lunch. =) I miss YOU sweet. Girlfriend has gone back to Penang yesterday and it's kinda boring in UTP here.

Anyways, the finals were a real challenge with my 4-in-a-row core subject combo. Fortunately God was there to guide me through it. 

Thanks to girlfriend for accompanying me to IRC and helping me to study. YOU have always been there for me when I need you and been my best friend, best company and so many more things that just wouldn't fit into this post. =) Will be looking forward to seeing you soon though, with Ah Gu and Gou Gou. And you know what I promised you the other day, it's gonna happen. =D 

Thanks to Hann also for being the best roommie for 3 years. I think other people wouldn't be able to stand my continuous music in the room (in fact he plays more music than I do! XD). Will be looking forward to coming back again. Oh yeah, and my constant bandmate. Haha, God knows how many bands we've been in together. LOL. At least the last band we were in won something. =D

Thanks to Lat Ser Chun for helping me to study all those killer subjects and being a wonderful and encouraging brother. 

Thanks to Henry Yew also for FETCHING me to tests and exams and allowing me to FETCH you also. Haha. More to come in KL.

Also thanks to all those of you who made a difference in my life here. =) I'll be back, so this isn't goodbye. But for those seniors who are leaving already, you guys have been awesome. Seriously. I will miss all of you, especially people like Jesse, Diane, Kelvin, Melissa, Michelle, Jack, Xiao Qi, John, Kana. Really thank you guys a lot for all the help and support. =)

Those who aren't leaving yet, but I will probably not be seeing until in future, Chia Ming, Jim, Arnold, Sebas, Adrian, and all those from the Kings CG. You guys are awesome. Just take good care of the church while we're not around and stay strong always. =)

Also to my batch mates. All of you have also been a part of my life one way or another. I will miss you guys, but then we'll meet during intern right? So yea, we'll be back and I will be looking forward to see all the changes that will happen during these 8 months!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Final Exam- Phase 1

Finals have began. The new "Final" Draft is out (previously it was called "Final Draft" too!) and the first paper is over and done with. =D This is the only paper for the week, but the impending challenge is expected next week. *cringes*

Just hope I can be ready for next week though. Still am trying to download the timetable, but to no avail. =( Heard from gf that there seems to be a hacking problem that confused many students and caused them to miss their final papers, perhaps they took the whole system offline. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, just gotta rest. Gonna fall sick if I don't.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That Suku Little Yellow Ball Thing!

This week is so busy and tiring. Definitely need something to take the tension off once in a while. So lately have been playing this crazy game called Loco Roco on PSP. 

This ball-shaped thing with some teletubbie antenna is just there and you need to tilt his environment and make him jump around to move and gain weight. The more you get, the more weight it puts on. (Think that's the only time people say, "the more weight the better" XD)

The gameplay is okay and it's kinda kiddie and all, but I guess the only reason why I keep playing it is because this ball thing is the most suku creature I've seen. It sings this crazy-sounding song at times and it splits into little tiny versions of itself when struck by lightning. The thing that always cracks gf and I up is the way it shouts when the little versions of it start coming together to form the fat guy again. =D

Anyways, I think I'm really tired now. Starting to talk crap. Gonna rest now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Beginning of The End

The end of the week is here, and I have to return to UTP to go through study week now. Time to go full gear into study mode and hope not to be in need of sleep by the time exam week arrives.

There have been a couple of positives in this semester and loads of blessings that I can go on and on about, but I'm feeling kinda sleepy.

Time to get my exam supplies: Books, pens and lots of Choki-choki...

God bless me! XD

New Blessing!!

New surprise. =D 

Finally after waiting so long it is gonna arrive tomorrow!

Everything about it has been a miracle from beginning up to end...

Writing this from JB now.

Will update more on this later. =D

Coming soon....