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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Love Hate Sony Ericsson

For some reason. Sony Ericsson just ruined the Daughtry Street Jam. Was so looking forward to watching them that girlfriend and I were willing to take the weekend to travel to KL. Since we were already kinda pissed that Sony Ericsson decided to sell tickets buy forcing people to buy phones. It's like about 300++ for 1 ticket. Regardless of where you are standing.

Went all the way to 1 Utama, which is actually pretty inconvenient for a street party. They sealed up the whole place from the view of the public (who did not buy their phones) and even took extensive measures to block off certain places in the shopping mall that would allow people to peep into the concert. Of course, that didn't stop us from being able to catch a glimpse of the band warming up though.

Thanks to the efforts of Jason, we found out that the restaurant "Chilis" has a place that overlooks the concert ground. So with some painstaking efforts, we finally got a place at that coveted balcony area (many people were eyeing it though), but the worst was yet to come.

We had to wait 4 FREAKIN' HOURS for Daughtry to come out. There were so many (and I really really mean MANY) performances by Malaysian artists, one after another. No offence to Malaysian artists. They were good and all, especially the turntablists. The thing is, people don't pay Sony Ericsson so freakin' much to have Daughtry come as a sideshow. Daughtry only performed about 30 minutes or so (fyi, the turntablists had 45 minutes! until they made it more like a street clubbing party).

But here comes the climax. We were just done with another performance and the emcees came out saying, "Do you wanna see Daughtry?" crowd cheers. "Then chant with me. Daughtry, Daughtry..." crowd chants. "Put your hands together for... idol... Ladies and gentlemen... DANIEL LEE!!!" =.='' That was the last straw.

Conclusion. I Hate Sony Ericsson.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Something to Think About

Just a little something that I came across somewhere. Suddenly thought of people who usually would try to use science to disprove things that happen in the Bible. Is the study of science not in line with the things written in the Bible?

A little boy was once sitting on a park bench munching on some wafers and clutching a Bible in his other arm. Just then, a man who had just graduated from university caught sight of this young boy exclaiming, "Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!". Driven by his recent enlightenment of being awarded a Bachelor of Science degree, he sought to enlighten the boy with his knowledge.

Taking a seat beside the boy, he asked the boy what he was so happy about. The boy exclaimed, "Praise the Lord, His wonders and miracles helped the Israelites to cross the Red Sea!". The enlightened man then smiled warmly and proceeded to provide a scientific explanation that the Israelites were able to cross the Red Sea because it was a low-tide period, and that the water was at most ten inches. Therefore, the supposed "miracle" wasn't such a big deal.

Feeling satisfied with his brilliant explanation, he was surprised to see the child exclaim once again, "Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!". The man asked, "Why are you so happy, boy?". The boy, without pausing, exclaimed even more excitedly, "Praise the Lord! He not only helped the Israelites cross the Red Sea, he topped it off by drowning the ENTIRE Egyptian army in only TEN INCHES of water!!!"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tagged! (For the first time)

As the title suggests, this is my first tag. Hopefully it wouldn't be that hard to do though. *stretches arms* Here goes...

7 Facts About Me:

Loves music a lot.
Lives to eat and doesn't believe much in eating to live. =D
Dislikes being belittled in any way.
Believes that in every situation there is a higher purpose.
Positive in outlook on life and always sees the bright side of it.
I don't let much get to me.
Can eat a lot without getting fat.

7 Things That Scare/Disgust me:

Dirty politics.
Self-righteous people.
Losing the people whom I love.
Losing the chance to see the people around me get saved.
Flying cockroaches!!
That I won't be ready when He returns.
Litter bugs.

7 Songs For Now:

I Live My Life For You- Firehouse
To Be With You- Mr. Big
Wild World- Mr. Big
What The World Will Never Take- Hillsongs United
Beautiful Saviour- Planetshakers
Take It All- Hillsongs Australia
Addicted To That Rush- Mr. Big

7 Words/Sentences I Frequently Mention:

"Serious ar?"
"Very funny..."
"You want me to slap you ar?"
"Thanks lots"
"Look here..."

7 Valuable Things:

Baby bear and 2 tods
Petronas Scholarship

7 First Times:

First tag.
First Hillsong concert.
First trip to Sunway Lagoon.
First time tasting such excellent lasagna at Michaelangelo's.
First time driving a van.
First attempt at managing my own blog.
First time thinking so much just to write a post. XD

7 Friends that I want to tag:

William Wan
Jesse Oliver Yeo
Lazy to think la... Whoever reading this

That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. *pening* Now I need some sleep.

Monday, July 7, 2008

KL Week

Haven't been posting in ages though. But I guess I'm back again. Wonder how many people still read this blog. Had a really fantastic week in KL with girlfriend and managed to do so so many things that I wanted to do in KL. Thanks so much sweet! (shall go shoe hunting again for your wedges) *grins widely*

Anyway, me arrived on Monday and went back on Sunday. Traveling all across KL via train rides, really enjoyed myself with all the window shopping, shopping, eating =D and movies. Among the food that I really enjoyed included the perfect place for Italian food- Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen. Seriously, that place has a fantastic ambiance and the best lasagna I ever tasted. If you happen to drop by Sunway Pyramid and crave for Italian food, never mind the pricey Italiannies and Piccolo Mondo, Michaelangelo's is the way to go.

Some other of my favorites were Haagen Dazs and Famous Amos (credit goes to my baby =D). Had so much to eat and found so many things that we wanted to find in KL. Even bought a really cute elephant water dispenser called Proo Proo. It was on sale too! Oh and baby got me a really nice formal tee and I like it very much.

Only regret is that the rumored rioting danger prevented us from going to visit The Curve and go to Glad Tidings PJ. Well, thanks goes to God for providing so many nice chances and answering so many of our prayers, Girlfriend for making it such a wonderful week and her uncle for providing a nice accommodation.