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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Car...

My car battery, for the umpteenth time has died...

We have been conducting diagnostic tests with no results. Even the mechanic the other day could not determine the cause of this problem. But one thing for sure, this is definitely a car wiring problem. Time to call in a car wireman.

Right now I just need the time to actually get the car jump-started again so I can get it for a thorough check-up.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Come to think of it, if anybody says UTP is a boring place, that simply just isn't true. Why?

This just a few days ago...

"Cafe de Jernih (v5 and Pocket C cafe) has taken over Village 5 cafeteria in its entirety."

In other words, this means that they have kicked out the 3 "staple foods" of many UTP students, namely the Nasi Lemak Kukus stall, Western Food (which incidentally serves an immensely popular dish called "Alabama Chicken"), and the V5 Water World stall (which sells another favorite - "Air Mangga Madu"). The new vendor has since replaced these stalls with mediocre versions of the previous favorites.

This move is definitely questionable. The obvious intention to monopolize the entire cafe to maximize profit is instead covered up with a total lie that the tenants in question failed to pay their rent. Considering the business these 3 stalls were getting, I hardly think that situation would be possible.

Anyway, I'm not going to that cafe anymore until they change the vendor. This is simply called tyranny and I'm not going to stand for that and let them have their way. We, UTPians need to show them the power of the people!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Timeless Classics: Wacky Wheels

I wonder how many of us remember the first computer game we played... I guess one of the first games I played was on a 486 kB RAM computer that runs on DOS OS. Used to play them very often: Raptor - Call of the Shadow, Battle Chess 1 and 2, and most memorably a game called Wacky Wheels.

This arcade-style game, developed by Beavis Soft and produced by Apogee Software (creater of Raptor and Duke Nukem!) in 1994, is basically a Go-Kart racing game similar to that of Super Mario Kart. The game also features a selection of a handful of cute animals (shark, tiger, duck, camel, etc) to select from.

Lineup at the starting line

Why does this game rock?

  1. For an old game, it actually features a lot of game modes. Single Player Race(duh!), Multi-Player Race (split screen/online/LAN cable direct), Wacky Shoot-out etc.
  2. Lets you use collectible hedgehogs and bombs to take out or distract ur opponents.
  3. Has a game mode that lets you go around shooting as many ducks as possible in a 2-minute timeframe.
  4. What could be more fun than facing off with your friends in a deathmatch mode (similar to FPS games), using cute animals.
  5. It's OLD SCHOOL!

Overwhelm your opponents with ammunition...

... or just go duck-hunting!

One fatal mistake and you're out! Oh well, at least you have 2 lives more

Recently I got my hands on it again, so I guess I'm gonna start shooting some ducks and racing some animals.

p/s No ducks were hurt in the production of this game.