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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

A Few Days In the Week of A Helpless Romantic

Day 1:

It wasn't an easy thing to admit. In fact, the very thought of it embarrassed me so. But with each passing moment, it was getting harder to deny. After gazing upon IT that very day, I knew in my mind... LONGER... was indefinitely my preference.

Note to self: I need to get this out of my head before people start to call me a weirdo!

Day 2:

Just for the very fact that it was longer, I longed to just go back to that same corner... just to take a peek, to catch a glimpse of that long, slender, and *argh!* "What am I thinking?", was all my rational mind could say to forestall this nagging urge in my head that was slowly taking over. Before I knew it, I found that my feet had dragged me subconsciously, until I was right in front of IT!

Day 3:

I think I must've blacked out or something. I can't seem to recall what happened after my feet dragged me in front of IT... I need to take some time to recall.

(after a few hours)

I still can't recover the memories of what happened in detail, however I vaguely remember staring at IT for what seemed to be eternity. I knew it was impolite to stare, but tell me, how can one help but to gaze at such a beauty? IT had all the qualities I was looking for... tender and delicate features, yet exuding strength and character from its interior... beauty only befitting that of a supermodel and... most of all, it was actually LONGER than the rest!!

Day 4:

I find myself going to that corner and that place everyday! What is wrong with me? Why am I so obsessed with IT? I am thoroughly ashamed when I think of all the weird looks and stares I get from people who pass my way. No, they don't understand! No one can truly begin to even comprehend its beauty... the beauty that only comes solely because IT is longer! In fact, if I may say this, it's the LONGEST of them all!!! (smug look of triumph)

*Sales attendant interrupts*

Sales attendant: "S-Q me ar, Mister... If you not going to buy the phone, then go away! You chasing all my customer away lah!!"

me: _|''''|O**

*Looks at empty pockets*

me: (to self) LG Chocolate BL40 worth RM 2199!!! How to buy lah?! Need... to... save...

Heading Back

I'm typing this LIVE from my former office's public computer. I'm currently on my way back to UTP. Today, I move from the land of high-speed internet into the valley of medieval technology, from free time to busyness.

Nevertheless, there is much to be done, much to be accomplished, and a legacy to be left before my official departure from UTP. I hope I can post more frequently on this blog once the semester starts...

This is the last entry from civilization...

*buzz beep beep*


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Absence of Productivity

I've been back in JB for a while now. It's so nice to be finally in a position where I can be absolutely relaxed and "responsibility-free", so to speak. The few days in which I have experienced the absence of productivity has allowed me to think things through and figure out what I need to focus on next semester, as it will be a tough one for me, and the others.

Anyways, I will be trying hard to study more next semester as I have many killer subjects. At the same time, appreciating my final year in UTP. Going to really miss the study life (of course, by saying that I don't mean assignments, tests, and reports!). And after that it's off to the working life...

Anyways one thing at a time. Right now still trying to solve the mystery of whether the final report hard bound cover needs to have the UTP logo on its front... That being done, then I would need to print out and bind those books immediately. T_T

Anybody have any idea how to solve that mystery?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lesson Learned

Something I came across a few weeks ago while hanging out with my cousin. The infamous Jaya Supermarket in Seksyen 14, PJ that collapsed during renovations. Kinda reminds me of one thing. This is what your life would look like if not built on the Solid Rock...

Oh, if you actually enlarge the picture, you could see a digger stuck up there in the rubble.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have been away for quite a while... since I've been on leave from work for about 1 week plus. Just only got back today, and since I don't have internet access elsewhere.

Went on a trip up north to Perak (how ironic, since I will be going back there soon again. But the next time will be for a more gloomy purpose) with the family and church staff. It was a trip of BIG eating. I ate like crazy and even didn't realize I ate 5 and a half bowls of rice on one occasion. XD

Anyways, I got to be doing my final report for internship now. Kinda stuck... and I don't really have any direction with regards to anything next semester. Pray for me.