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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Malacca Field Trip: PPMSB

A Short update: Sorry for the long hiatus. I have been really busy. Tiresome weeks lately and more to come, I foresee.

Here is one of the reasons I love Civil Engineering in UTP: Awesome field trips!! =)

We have been to many field trips throughout our study in UTP. Lemme see... Langkawi, Ayer Tawar, Temenggor and Grik, Kajang, and the most recent... Malacca!!

Previously, all the accommodation were horrible. Langkawi - weird dormitory, Ayer Tawar - mosquito-infested camp, Temenggor and Grik - (Day trip)... Well, Kajang was so far the best. We were in a 3-star hotel. I thought that nothing could top that. However, what greeted my sight was...

Looks impressive from the outside

The door doesn't look promising...

Looking better...

Private bedroom section!

Personal bar counter!!

Little lounge with free Astro!!!

Everly Resort, Malacca, is a 4-star hotel. With a private beach of its own. =) However, the catch is that the beach is pretty small and boring. Nevertheless, great for a field trip standard.

The day before the visit was spent just hanging out and going around Malacca, courtesy of our lab technician, Mr. Khairul Anuar. We went to ride the Taming Sari (name of the "keris" equivalent of the Excalibur). We got a discount just by showing our IC. Oddly, the international students don't get any discounts.

On board the Taming Sari

It's basically a revolving structure, that's why it's build this way...

The view from the top

This picture is blur due to the constant rotation, but the city of Malacca looks nice from the top

By the way, the Taming Sari ride is located near the Dataran Pahlawan shopping complex. We wanted to go to Jonker Walk to try all the night food. Unfortunately, all we saw was an empty street. T_T

But still, the main point of the field trip IS to visit the plant... right? So for formality's sake, I shall post up a picture of Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn. Bhd. Which by the way, has the best HSE practice amongst all Petronas companies, which was the reason we went to visit them.

This is the Cogen system structure... (blah x3, technical jargon)

That is all for the Malacca trip, more to come soon! (and hopefully more frequently!)