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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's Official!

Some of you know, I have been working on Project: Invictus lately. So after actually posting want ads and the efforts of several people in attempts to hire people to fill in the vacancies, I can now say that it is official. We have finally formed our band. *grins* (Watch out, Shortz... here we come! =P)

After consulting several opinions, it has actually come down to 4 logo designs, namely number 1, 2, 4 and 6. The band members had a vote and we are now going to use logo number 6 (van Helsing). So I guess now we will be searching for gigs around and practicing every week while trying not to clash with our examinations and studies.

The lineup is currently comprising of a few members from the former Confusion and a new vocalist (thanks to Adonis' smart move). Hopefully, this time, the search will really be over. Gotta really practice hard and improve my skills from now on though if we want to get somewhere with this band.

Just one problem. If our keyboardist leaves and goes back to Indonesia, we'll need to search for people all over again. *sigh* On the bright side, we have to choose some nice songs to practice now. *grins*


  1. Which songs should we play? Any suggestions are welcome, preferably suiting a female vocalist.
  2. Why does UTP have such bad internet connection lately, but such fantastic LAN all of a sudden (sending files on gtalk has been ridiculously fast)?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Black Post 2: [INVICTUS]

This is the second of the series on BLACK POSTS. As you can see here, I've even modified my theme here to suit the black atmosphere. *grins widely* Now to the main point. I have been planning on forming a band called "INVICTUS" for a long time (Just for your information, Invictus means unconquered in latin). So finally I have found a few talented individuals game enough and skillful enough to form the nucleus of the band.

I have no idea how wide my viewer base is, but I'm gonna make full use of this space to ask for opinions. I've made a few little possible logos to choose from with my limited skills in paint software So please please do give me your feedback. I really need it. But if you have an even better design or even better idea, you are most welcome to contact me. =)

As of now, our priority is hiring a lead guitarist, able to play Dream Theater songs and a flexible vocalist of good vocal range and pitching. more updates to come soon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Black Post

"Wait a minute... I thought it was Google?" Well don't bother rubbing your eyes or wiping your spectacles to get a clearer view. This is Google, but only in a special edition called BLACKLE- The energy saving search engine. Pretty cool idea, I think. Introduced to me by Jared.

Basically I think this is quite an interesting idea. Its simple layout makes it rather interesting, coupled with the fact that it's all in black (you can nearly never go wrong with black!), it makes for quite a unique way of saving power. Employing a rather adorable concept of "taking small steps to save energy", the black screen that displays on the Blackle webpage actually helps to save energy as a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen. Due to the popularity of the Google search engine, Blackle would help to save energy in small steps (I have no idea why I find that line adorable!).

So all you people who want to do your part to save the environment, yet do not want to move your butts from the comfy chair you are sitting on. Perhaps you could check that website out. It's my home page currently and I think itz quite nice, as it even displays how many watt hours are collectively saved. =D

Well This post is also done entirely done in black font, as a show of support towards Blackle and its efforts (in small steps at least!).