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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Thanksgiving Post

Well, this is almost the state I'm in though, minus the Russian thing and the dirty things. *lol*

Have been very very very busy with the final examination since 2 weeks ago. Before the final I just came off a series of horrible tests and stressful studying nights. But really PRAISE GOD that He helped me to pull through such a period.

When I got the final timetable for the examinations, it was kinda crazy looking as it features for the first time in my uni life, 3 STRINGS OF BACK-TO-BACK PAPERS. =.=

Just finished my Structural Analysis paper actually and I'm nursing a damaged hand due to too much writing. Finished my paper exactly on the dot. Nevertheless the paper was fantastic. Once again, really PRAISE GOD. He really blessed me with massive improvements in my studies this semester and I'm really thankful after every paper I take. The BACK-TO-BACK PAPERS aren't easy and I know there's no way I can ever go through those papers without His help. =D

Finally, I'm going to take a breather now and just lay back and relax for a while. Once again, PRAISE GOD!!