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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Am Unable to Go Online

This is really sad. I will not be able to blog for I don't know how long as I suddenly cannot use my phone as modem any longer. Oh well... Anyways I'm typing all this from the computer in my office while having a nice warm cup of free Milo from the vending machine while Michael Buble's "Sway" is playing in the background.

I shall try and blog from here every once in a while until I get good connection. Anyways, to gf and all her tormented coursemates who will be having TP test tomorrow, may God bless you and give you good results for it and A GOOD REST afterwards. =D

That's all for now. Gotta go home while the rain is not that heavy now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I just realised that 09 09 09 09 - 9.00 a.m., 9th September 2009... A unique date/time combination in the calender, would be spent punching in my attendance at work tomorrow. Gee, what a way to celebrate a unique moment.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Disney-Pixar's UP: Wouldn't It Be Nice

For those who have not watched the movie UP by Disney-Pixar, you probably are still missing out on a heart-warming show that can on one hand really send you rolling on the floor in laughter, and immediately leave you in tears the next moment.

Never mind the plot or the synopsis. That is not the point I want to make with this post. Yes, this is one of the better movies around. However, the thing I would like to highlight here is the relationship between ol' Carl and his wife Ellie.

The "Ellie Badge"

As with all Disney movies, their marriage is what dreams are made of. Their relationship runs all the way back to an adorable and innocent childhood incident which leaves the young Carl star-struck and it progresses all the way to a blissful marriage that ends with the death of Ellie due to a terminal illness. This causes the shy Carl to become reclusive and full of regrets due to their failure to realize their shared dream of going to Paradise Falls. However through all of it he manages to draw inspiration from her memory to achieve the impossible.

Don't they just look so good together?

Which makes me wonder. We don't see much of this happening nowadays anymore. Marriages like these are so rare that they are like actually finding vibranium! The little things that they share and they do makes it all feel very sweet. But the thing that really touched me the most was seeing the missing pages of Ellie's Adventure Book being filled up with all the pictures of them together, not in the outdoors; but in the compound of their home. She made Carl promise and "cross his heart" as a kid to bring them to Paradise Falls, but deep in her heart, her adventure was just being with him.

Now isn't that nice? =D Makes me really wanna grow old with gf!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So, 52 years have passed since the independence of Malaysia from all foreign colonies. The question is, have we truly achieved "merdeka" (independence)?

The incident in Shah Alam on the eve of National Day certainly seems to indicate otherwise. The residents claimed that all they wanted to do was show their anger in response to their earlier petition against the temple relocation being ignored. However, the act of dragging around, stomping and spitting on a religiously sacred symbol shows that their feelings were more than that of being ignored.

The graffiti on the fencing of the supposed site of the temple also cited rather offensive comments, and the parading of political flags definitely did not do much to help the situation either (given the notoriety of the aforementioned party).

I love this country with all my heart, and I'm proud of what we have achieved as a nation. But it saddens me greatly to see the that after 52 years,

  1. The country is plagued by corruption in every level of society
  2. Mediocrity is celebrated and excellence is sidelined
  3. People who stand up for justice and integrity are charged with threatening internal security or simply silenced.
  4. We still practice a prehistoric concept of communal-based politics
  5. Racial tolerence is desired by the people but greatly hampered by those in positions of influence and power
  6. Religion is utterly misused as a political weapon and a vehicle to rally votes
  7. Cover-ups are rampant while obvious truths are blatantly denied
I really hope and pray to see our country improving in the years to come. That people will put aside their prejudices and come together as one people and nation. I am in support of the concept of 1Malaysia, but I hope that it becomes more than just a campaign or a concept. It's high time the leaders of the country did something for the people. It's been a while, as far as the people of Malaysia are concerned.

How can you bear to sever the head of such a cute animal?