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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Photos (The Forgotten Band)

I have mentioned a lot about my band "Confusion" in the previous posts. But then it seems that this band has been a forgotten band after the preliminary rounds. There's even no recording of our band done by the IT Media people who came the other day available on DC++. But anyways, here are some photos that came from the camera of a band member.

The whole band together onstage

The band from another side

The other 3 pics are self-explanatory =P

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

As The Bands Go Marching On...

We suddenly have a huge banner That displays the message "Say No To Euphonious". I have no idea what is happening to UTP nowadays. It seems that certain parties in UTP would see this competition as something against their religious convictions. But this has not been the first event being labeled as tidak halal and it certainly would not be the last.

I'm not going to criticize any parties here, but there is a very thin line between being religious and spirituality. The intentions may be good, but when we cross over the line from being spiritual to being religious, it completely turns sour and our efforts are not being appreciated by the people we are trying to help, nor does it bring benefit any longer as our efforts would only turn them against us.

I have no idea how much making that banner costs, but think about it. If so much resources are being put into this effort, you need to be very sure that the effort is worth every cent, or else the money would be better channeled into efforts like helping people learn more about God or improving spirituality constructively.

Well, that's just my own view. But from my observation, people seem to be having an adverse reaction towards this banner and may be even more determined to go for Euphonious. Well, if you can't beat them, join them. =P

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Adding To The Noise

Have been busy for the past few weeks staying up late at night just to jam and practice for the Euphonious 2008 preliminary round. Finally got a load off my shoulders after today's performances. But come to think of it, I'll probably miss performing on stage just to entertain the crowd. *grins*

To be playing in Euphonious is not what I expected to be doing this year, let alone playing in 2 bands. Initially I only expected to be playing in the jazz band we formed since last year, comprising of me (vocals), Dhany (keyboard- he's brilliant and if he doesn't win best keyboardist, the judges are tone-deaf), Dr. Bambang (yes, the lecturer plays bass. And really really well), Hann (drums), Sherman (saxophone) and a string of guitarists which never really worked out. But because the thought Dr. Bambang was going to be one of the judges and due to Hann's withdrawal, we had to find replacements or just scrap the band.

Just when I almost cold storage-ed the idea of performing this year, Kee Hui came knocking. So I ended up having 2 bands after Dhany found the replacements. The band with Kee Hui was called "Project Summer" and Dhany's band was called "Confusion" (which I am, until now, confused about why it is called that).

Before prelims, I already knew what to expect as the previous year champions were joining again and many bands I knew of were very strong. But I kinda thought we stood a chance to impress at least.

Some facts you must at least know to have a clue in this post:

  1. I played drums for Confusion.
  2. I played rhythm guitar and did lead vocals for Project Summer.
  3. Both bands really rocked the stage (seriously).
  4. I thought the judges would at least say something good after the rocking performance we (Confusion) did instead of just saying "not too bad".
  5. NONE of us in Project Summer expected to actually make an impact with the audience, let alone the judges (Or even be in the Top 7!).

Thank You's:

To the band members of Confusion:-

Dhany- Brilliant. If I could describe you in 1 word that would be it. You are the fulcrum of the band and if it wasn't for you, all this wouldn't have happened. Thanks a lot. I'm gonna have lots of trouble finding a new keyboardist when u leave UTP. =D

Ofi- My new staple bassist. Hehe. After this year, we gonna have to find new band members from scratch, if Rizki and Sherman aren't interested in joining us. Enjoy grooving with you. Remember, next time we play Dream Theater. So practice harder. Our next band's name's Invictus (unconquered).

Rizki- My Hydraulics lab demonstrator. You play good guitar man. It's just a pity the sound settings went off when you were playing. or else everyone would have known how well you can play. The next Santana.

Sherman- You have some serious skills there you know that? You just have to realize how good you really are, then you'll be able to apply your skills very much more easily and be more spontaneous. Without your saxophone, our band really doesn't sound as good.

Adonis- Although you made a mistake, but that was a good performance. I'm impressed. I believe this is your first time? Well, trust me. You will get better and better with experience. Btw, enjoyed that acoustic jam session with you.

Fauzan- Even though some people didn't hear your voice clearly, I think you were good man. Thanks for being there when the band needed you.

To the band members of Project Summer:

That was really really fun. I loved the whole performance. Everyone was getting bored when they heard we were gonna sing Oasis' Don't Look Back In Anger, but we showed them. *cheeky grin* All of you did well. Especially for that Oasis song. I bet this is the first time anyone did such a punk cover. Too bad the bassist couldn't jump as his cable was too short. LOL

To Hui Lyng:

Thank you so so so so so so much for being so understanding and so so so so so so supportive throughout this entire arc of practices and jamming sessions right up to the prelims. You didn't even complain when things didn't go the way we planned it to be. To me it doesn't even matter if the judges didn't think much of us. All that matters is that I have done the best I can and that you are proud of me and that I can use the talents God blessed me with. =D So proud to have you. Really appreciate you a lot a lot.

To all the bands that performed, kudos for the courage to do what many other people would not dare to do and it was fun to be adding to the noise with all of you. Congratulations to Sebastian, Stella and Vinod for going through to the final. Proud of you guys.

N.B. To those who are completely clueless, Euphonious is the name of the band competition in UTP

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some Updates (Construction Phase 2)

Been tweaking the blog bit-by-bit. After trying out a few designs and playing around with a few headers, finally I have created a new header that I'm pretty satisfied with. *wide grin*

The design might be a little rough, but hey, what more can you expect from the "paint" software. Well at this rate, I hope I will be able to complete the blog design and officially open it to the public. (Note to self: MUST learn how to use photoshop... SOON!!!) Hopefully I would be able to come up with a few more new ideas or just stumble across some cool stuffs to put in here.

For next phase of construction, I need to find a nice theme and a nice blog description to go with it. Unfortunately my hectic lifestyle in UTP is hardly inspiring. Will have to dig deep into my brains and work some other people's brain juices for ideas. *thinks deep*

By the way, does anybody know how i can get a cbox for this blog? It seems like UTP ITMS has blocked the cbox website as "chat". T.T wireless is barely stable here too.

Monday, March 17, 2008


This is the post to start off all posts. Alright, this is it. *rubs hands together*

I have been thinking of doing this for quite a few months. Finally I'm doing this. *beams proudly* The layout here looks kinda rough and still needs a lot of tweaking. I guess I will be doing that in these few weeks whenever I have the time (It's super-duper hard to actually get time to do stuff these days with the amount of assignments and activities I am involved in).

So while I try to put everything in balance, this site remains under construction.

Site under construction =P