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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exam Timetable

Timetable just came out recently. It seems to be that the 1st week of exam I have only 1 paper *smiles*, which is Malaysian studies.

But the moment I scroll down to look at the 2nd week...

*hyperventilates* just click to enlarge and you will understand.

But I still thank God. Looks like a case of another BIG miracle coming up! =D

Saturday, April 25, 2009


You know...

...that it is time to sign up for a Facebook account when even your father has it and you don't!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Been A While (Blessings)

Since UTP had their "non-existent" internet connection for quite a long while, could never login to Google and gmail, and Blogger. =( This meant that even if i comment on blogs I had to do so as anonymous.

Oh well, have been pretty much busy with many other things over the semester, notably with Euphonious 2009, and with the Engineering Team Project. These 2 events nearly took out a whole chunk of my semester. *wipes sweat*

Regarding Eupho '09, by God's grace we got into the finals after a great performance in the preliminary rounds. We (WE- Me, Jesse, Hann, Diane) gathered to pray and thank God for giving us an opportunity to play and glorify Him. When our band- Crash n Burn was announced, we were estatic.

In the final, we played 2 songs (for those who still don't know)- Over you by Daughtry, and Mamma Mia by ABBA, remixed style. Again we prayed, (WE- Me, Jesse, Hann, Diane +Rizki, who decided to join us in prayer!) before we got onstage and after we got offstage, and we pulled off an even more awesome performance than before!

Crash n Burn: (From left) Me, Jesse, Diane, Hann, Rizki

The final performance- MIND-BLASTING!!

The result, you can read it here!!

Anyways, later the only thing to deal with was the ETP, which we have been painstakingly working on for ages and facing endless problems with. Our prototype was called "The Green Gambit", brainchild of Jared Ee. Even up to the very last moment, our prototype was still electronically unsound and problematic. But when the judges came, it worked perfectly and we qualified for EDX (Engineering Exhibition Design).

During the EDX God's favor was once again upon us as we managed to present well, even though I had 2 tests to deal with in those 2 days. Fortunately 1 was postponed, but we spent the second day studying at the exhibition. LOL.

All in all, we did well and we were rewarded with a silver medal, which I am going to hand to my supervisor later (I still feel like keeping it for myself though! =P) Special thanks to Jared for making that awesome logo that you see down there. =D Unfortunately the emcee butchered our name and called it "Green GAM-bet" during the awards' ceremony. =(

Prototype from side view

Silver Medal!!!

Oh yea, during the exhibition I saw someone having a pencil box that looks exactly like Ah Gu!!

Ah Gu's clone